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About Us

Helical Springs is a leading manufacturer of precision Springs with 40+ years of history, focussed on the automotive sector.

With state of the art technology and invested in product innovations, we strive for excellence in our product quality and customer satisfaction.

We have built trust amongst our customers by following quality standards, which in turn has guaranteed customer delight.

The company is capable to produce at scale with ease and rely on its processes which are standardized and agile.

Our Principles

  • Follow the Quality Standards to ensure that the Product meets the Clients’ requirement.
  • IATF 16949 Certified, by DQS.
  • ISO 14001 Certified.
Highly Professional Staff
  • Professional Approach to our work is what differentiates us, our employees are highly skilled and trained on the evolving technologies.
Scalable Manufacturing Process
  • Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities gives us the competitive advantage, we can meet huge demands with high end technology interventions.
Accurate Testing Processes
  • Our Testing Team is combination of latest technology and human intelligence, we follow ‘zero-defect’ policy and ensure precision manufacturing.

Our Technology

  • Exclusive set up of only CNC Coiling and Forming machines that can handle variable OD, variable pitch springs accurately

  • Automatic Load and Length Sorters

  • In-line Stress Relieving on all CNC machines

  • State-of-Art End of Line Inspection Systems

  • On line Camera Technology for defect free Springs to Customer

  • Fatigue Life Testing Machines for Compression & Tension Springs

  • 5/50/250/500/1000 kg Load Testing Machines

  • 50 KN Tensile Testing Machine

  • Torque Testing Machine

  • Optical Profile Projector

  • SST Chamber

  • Wrapping & Torsion Test

  • 500x Stereo Zoom Microscope (with Camera)

Our Customers